Saturday, January 8, 2011

Until we meet again

I need to take a step back, to move on.
Trace a new path in this wilderness,
to find a new world.

I rest my hands on the knob, reluctant to open the door,
But as i reflect, I see you have left.
From where I stand, I can see you, smaller and smaller,
yet I am happy. You have chosen your path
and I need to do the same.

An untread road lies before me,
I need to take that first step.
This is the place where our paths met
and our fates separate.
Until we meet again..!!

PS: Just something from my diary. Read it today and found it relevant to
so many aspects of my life as it is now. 


Anonymous said...

you are taking life too seriously
when you will stop thinking about where YOU are and where YOU will be .

you will realize our collective worthlessness.

and from that understanding will emerege a new perspective which will show you the way

Ankit Rastogi said...

@Anonymous: you truly are a great observer.