Saturday, January 8, 2011

Until we meet again

I need to take a step back, to move on.
Trace a new path in this wilderness,
to find a new world.

I rest my hands on the knob, reluctant to open the door,
But as i reflect, I see you have left.
From where I stand, I can see you, smaller and smaller,
yet I am happy. You have chosen your path
and I need to do the same.

An untread road lies before me,
I need to take that first step.
This is the place where our paths met
and our fates separate.
Until we meet again..!!

PS: Just something from my diary. Read it today and found it relevant to
so many aspects of my life as it is now. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CHAPTER 1 - She Saw Me

CHAPTER 1 - She Saw Me
            And I fell, quite literally I mean, not that I'm a klutz, which let me assure you..I AM NOT. But that's not the point here, the point is - I fell, on the road, while I was listening to my favorite song on my iPod (which unlike me didn't take the fall that sportingly and refuses to work now). Why did I fell? Well the Indica just stopped right infront of me (on the offside, just who stops their car right infront of you without even honking, which by the way they love doing in Bangalore - assholes!). Anyways ummm..the car stopped and ummm... she.. got out.
           Yeah! yeah! I know pretty cliched, who am I  kidding, pretty lame actually. Its just that she had those eyes. eyes you know you'll lose your way in, but you aren't afraid to take the plunge because they make you feel at home at the same time. Eyes that make you forget everything and just make you feel happy just that..happy. I can't call them the most beautiful or anything like that for it really would be an insult. you just can't compare them. She just had those eyes and an absolutely mesmerizing smile as she looked at me...
FUCK..!!!  SHE SAW ME..!!!!