Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Can't Say I Love you

If I acknowledge it, it becomes real,
And the chasm between us widens.
Atleast now I can see you
Be sure you'll listen if I call you.
But if I acknowledge it, It frightens me that i'll lose you.

My self is shattered in pieces,
Can you wait till I can collect them all?
Can you wait till I find myself,
till I can fill the gap.
Can you wait for me to reach you ?

I know it is too much to ask,
Can you forgive me when I say
That even though I do
I can't say I love you.


Just opened my fortune cookie on FB and it read - " Now is the time to try something new ". Sometimes I wonder whether really there is a psychic sitting at the other end of FB, processing my requests and telling me exactly what I want to hear. This isn't the first time its happening to me..!! maybe i'm a freak but honestly, its too many times to be just credited as a coincidence. I'm sure FB has some type of psychic mechanism or algorithm.....I wonder how they developed this algo., if at all there is an algo.,..what heuristics did they apply??? Damn this.advance algorithms course..every time I think about the word algorithm..I seem to get lost......

Sorry my bad!! I wandered from the topic at hand again (now you can see why I don't blog often). Getting back to the fortune cookie irrelevant of the fact whether there is a psychic at the other end or its just my mind twisting every word to find something meaningful, the thing is that the cookie was damn right...

'Now' - its such a small, yet such a powerful word. Now describes everything - our past, our future and more importantly, our present, for it is in 'Now' that we live. The past and the future are both defined by what we do now. Infact when I think about it (thanks to one of my friend's status messages) we all, each of us have lived in this eternity, without realising that our share of eternity is now. So yes, now is the right time to try something new, and this gives me hope that at any point in my life I will always have the option of trying something new- beacuse my life is Now .....