Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As it sat on the threshhold of its nest, the dove looked at vast plains that stretched all around him.He wondered what lay beyond the horizons in the endless heights of the vast blue sky...which invited him with outstretched hands. A gentle breeze filled his nostrils with the smell of earth and brought with it the memories of his past.He looked at the nest and saw hi fellow hatchlings,some of them ready to fly with him but in different directions and others who were not yet ready. He remembered all the times he had spent with each of them, growing up,playing, learning the ways of the world and wondered whether they would cross paths again. A gust of wind ruffeled his feathers and he was time to fly. These memories, he'll preserve them, always.He then looked at the sky, unfurled his wings and took off...
fly afar o! little one,
rest not under the scorching sun..
till there is air in your wings, scale the sky..

PS: bye Ragz..

Monday, December 8, 2008

Little beads of liquid trickled down his cheeks. Sweat or tears, he couldn't decide,they both tasted salty. Earlier in life he knew what the liquid was, then later on he was able to decide but now..uhh! he didn't care. He was dead tired, his body ached ,he wondered why. He persisted in this state for some time and then he saw someone infront of him. He instinctively quickened his pace and realized he was running. But he had been running for as long as he remembered. Why..? well first he was just told to chase "IT" by everyone who had been running and he ran to catch up with them, but they all left him one by one and he thought that perhaps if he ran fast enough and found "IT", he would find everyone else. So he ran and he has been running since then and now he didn't even realise it until he saw someone just like now.He knew he had to get ahead of the man as others had gotten ahead of him. It seemed to him that everybody wanted to reach "IT "first but nobody wanted to share it. He guessed it was a race that everyone wanted to win but none had won yet, for in that case the race would have stopped. He overtook the man and gave a hollow grin, hollow because he knew he would never see the man again as he had never seen the other people whom he left behind or who had left him behind, again. They all semed to vanish in the darkness that surrounded them as soon as they crossed him. He now understood that he was all alone in this wild goose chase and.... he didn't care.

Monday, November 10, 2008

He was suffocating. The room was filled with pitch black darkness. He was desperate. he felt the walls all around was as if they were closing in on him and he felt desperate for fresh air.He moved to the only small hole in the door and put his mouth to it to suck in air, but it wasn't enough. He clasped the door knob and tried to force the door he had often tried before..but to no avail. It was as if the entire vitality in the world was against him, forcing him back in the room and he was losing the fight and the will. He was suffocating.....the key...he had to find the key. He panicked, he had searched for it before, he couldn't find it..and now he was afraid...afraid of going away from the hole, afraid that he'd lose his only breath. No he would not leave it..he'll cling to it...damn that elusive key.......

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Conflict..

Every other day...
I hear people say..
There is God
while, others say nay!

This amazing world,
and beautiful words.
The chirping birds,
the galloping herds..
Are all His masterpiece..


The words are vain,
the dying in pain..
they are also His..ain't they..??

See the mighty sun rise!
the flowers come to life..
The sun sets ,Sir..!!
and the flowers whither.

There's life !
There's death!

There's hope!
There's fear!
There's light !
There's night!
There's love!
There's war!

To each his own
I only say..

In a grain of sand..
lies faith confined,
In search of love
treads all mankind...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Distant Tree..

One day I sat studying-
Besides the window pail,
While examinations were on head
I had to learn the story of snow and hail,
But I could not go ahead.

Just then I saw a distant tree,
Dancing with the air free,
It seemed to be telling me-
"Don't be afraid, and be like me..
See me as an example for you"..

" I have passed so many storms in life.
I have passed the famine days...
When there was disaster all around
and people were dying of hunger and thirst,
But I was not afraid.."

" I kept on standing,
Though weak and tired,
But I stood where I was,
Not like my fellow trees
who fell when the rain had just passed.."

The day was fine,
Finer than before.
And there and then I took the oath,
To never be afraid and fear anything.
I saw the tree smiling at me..

O' Thank you , O' Thank you,
the distant tree. For
the path you have shown me.
O' Thank you , O' Thank you,
the distant tree.
Dancing with the air free....

Ps: This was a poem i wrote in my seventh standard..on the back of my question paper( subject escapes my memory).The next exam was geography which though I didn't dislike ..I hated studying...
The words and punctuations are all as I wrote originally though now I can see a lot of improvement but then those were the thoughts and vocabulary of a thirteen year old..!!

Yes finally I've realized .....

My friends had been bugging me to update my blog and not go in another hibernation period as before( well it wasn't exactly a hibernation period...I was kinda busy...uhh ok..yeah yeah!! thats a lame excuse..) mais what could I do..i just couldn't bring myself to the tiring job of writing..!! Well after constant bugging n a lot of nagging..I decided to give it a try..n then IT happened........
Well comprehension dawned upon me(what an exaggeration ...i love myself for such things!!)..I finally realized that all it takes is get started..
I was always putting off things(updating my blog being one of them) because I just wasn't willing to start. I realized that I wasn't running away from the effort that goes into doing the job..I just wasn't willing to start it..(as to the reasons.. those r yet to be deciphered..)..
Now that I've started..its not difficult to write anything...whatever was in my mind comes flowing down...(u'll read it in subsequent posts after I've done sufficient editing to make it readable lest enjoyable..!!)..

Hail to getting started..!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


“Ajeeb dastan hai yeh …” a gush of wind ruffles your hair as you sit by the window seat of the bus watching the mundane activities of people busy in their placid lives. You watch two-wheelers making their way in between the seemingly unending rows of cars and buses, like a stream downhill that changes its course at every obstacle, only; they lack its vitality and purpose…….”Kahan shuru kahan khatam…..” .The words keep moving in your head as you try to find the one missing thing in your life that will make it different from theirs-“Yeh manzilen hain kaun si.. na wo samajh sake na hum…. Papa Bomanahalli kab ayega..?”…

Ah! You look around for the source of this disturbance that has pulled you out of your oblivion ending your thought process. There it was..a girl of about 9 or10 holding the hand of a man (whom you assume to be the aforesaid papa) and the handle of your seat in the other. She seemed tired from the effort of holding her forte (the space in this case) against the never-ending influx and efflux of people in the jam-packed bus. “ You should give her your seat “, someone suggested.


“But she is a small girl…and she is tired…”


“You have been taught since childhood to give your seat to women and old…”

“Why should I give my seat to women, they want equality in every field.. I support..have it here also..stand. As for old, you can never be old enough to admit that you are old and when you do admit it, you wouldn’t probably need to travel. Moreover there are no old people around…”

“ But she is just a tired little girl.. and surely you have no clauses against children..”

“No, but someone else can also give their seat to her. I still have more than half an hour of journey left, what if she doesn’t get down before that..”

“It’s funny you know, you know what is the right thing to do in this situation but you are convincing yourself against it, because no one else is doing it and you are too afraid to change although that is what you want. You wonder whether the person sitting next is also undergoing the same mental process and what will his actions be, but you yourself are not ready to act according to what you think is right .You wonder about social reforms and changes all the time but you yourself cannot perform a very small morally correct gesture”

“What if my gesture goes unnoticed and without any effect .”

“Then you will at least know the one thing that makes you different from those around you..”

Suddenly the bus screeches to a halt waking you up from your reverie. You look around for the girl but she is not there. You see her getting out from the door… you look out from the window, across rows of traffic passing by…” Ajeeb dastan hai yeh…….”

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Writing a blog seems much difficult than the idea itself. What with the amount of thought that goes into selecting a relevant topic n then the tiring job of framing it with just the right words to get across ur meaning....uh!! Well on second thoughts its also good as it gives you time to reflect upon ur actions n analyzing them from a different stance altogether. For a person like me who wanders in his own thoughts so often this seems an effective way of organizing them.

I am not an avid writer n frankly speaking I find writing poetry an easier option for expressing myself than writing prose.But the thing with poetry is that hardly anyone reads it n out of those who do read....few have patience enough to understand it. So for me writing a blog is a new road..n m still just treading on its threshhold...vary of what is to unfold n hoping i might have the courage to take it on.
So here's to you my dear is our 'HAPPY ' friendship day. Let's hope this lasts long.

LO! my friend ..I am on..
set my boots firmly on,
let's see whereto this road gets..
what new days, the journey begets...

PS: Plz donnna mind my n's n ur's n other short forms for the time being. Datz a habit developed from hours of chatting n lodz of messaging n now since m writing it really seemsvery difficult to shake off. But I promise I'll for the time being..kindly cooperate...