Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As it sat on the threshhold of its nest, the dove looked at vast plains that stretched all around him.He wondered what lay beyond the horizons in the endless heights of the vast blue sky...which invited him with outstretched hands. A gentle breeze filled his nostrils with the smell of earth and brought with it the memories of his past.He looked at the nest and saw hi fellow hatchlings,some of them ready to fly with him but in different directions and others who were not yet ready. He remembered all the times he had spent with each of them, growing up,playing, learning the ways of the world and wondered whether they would cross paths again. A gust of wind ruffeled his feathers and he was time to fly. These memories, he'll preserve them, always.He then looked at the sky, unfurled his wings and took off...
fly afar o! little one,
rest not under the scorching sun..
till there is air in your wings, scale the sky..

PS: bye Ragz..

Monday, December 8, 2008

Little beads of liquid trickled down his cheeks. Sweat or tears, he couldn't decide,they both tasted salty. Earlier in life he knew what the liquid was, then later on he was able to decide but now..uhh! he didn't care. He was dead tired, his body ached ,he wondered why. He persisted in this state for some time and then he saw someone infront of him. He instinctively quickened his pace and realized he was running. But he had been running for as long as he remembered. Why..? well first he was just told to chase "IT" by everyone who had been running and he ran to catch up with them, but they all left him one by one and he thought that perhaps if he ran fast enough and found "IT", he would find everyone else. So he ran and he has been running since then and now he didn't even realise it until he saw someone just like now.He knew he had to get ahead of the man as others had gotten ahead of him. It seemed to him that everybody wanted to reach "IT "first but nobody wanted to share it. He guessed it was a race that everyone wanted to win but none had won yet, for in that case the race would have stopped. He overtook the man and gave a hollow grin, hollow because he knew he would never see the man again as he had never seen the other people whom he left behind or who had left him behind, again. They all semed to vanish in the darkness that surrounded them as soon as they crossed him. He now understood that he was all alone in this wild goose chase and.... he didn't care.