Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As it sat on the threshhold of its nest, the dove looked at vast plains that stretched all around him.He wondered what lay beyond the horizons in the endless heights of the vast blue sky...which invited him with outstretched hands. A gentle breeze filled his nostrils with the smell of earth and brought with it the memories of his past.He looked at the nest and saw hi fellow hatchlings,some of them ready to fly with him but in different directions and others who were not yet ready. He remembered all the times he had spent with each of them, growing up,playing, learning the ways of the world and wondered whether they would cross paths again. A gust of wind ruffeled his feathers and he was time to fly. These memories, he'll preserve them, always.He then looked at the sky, unfurled his wings and took off...
fly afar o! little one,
rest not under the scorching sun..
till there is air in your wings, scale the sky..

PS: bye Ragz..

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jayanth said...

nice description of the first time somebody decides to leave his home. hmm felt the same when had to leave my home and come to bangalore. well written and the feelings well captured