Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Conflict..

Every other day...
I hear people say..
There is God
while, others say nay!

This amazing world,
and beautiful words.
The chirping birds,
the galloping herds..
Are all His masterpiece..


The words are vain,
the dying in pain..
they are also His..ain't they..??

See the mighty sun rise!
the flowers come to life..
The sun sets ,Sir..!!
and the flowers whither.

There's life !
There's death!

There's hope!
There's fear!
There's light !
There's night!
There's love!
There's war!

To each his own
I only say..

In a grain of sand..
lies faith confined,
In search of love
treads all mankind...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Distant Tree..

One day I sat studying-
Besides the window pail,
While examinations were on head
I had to learn the story of snow and hail,
But I could not go ahead.

Just then I saw a distant tree,
Dancing with the air free,
It seemed to be telling me-
"Don't be afraid, and be like me..
See me as an example for you"..

" I have passed so many storms in life.
I have passed the famine days...
When there was disaster all around
and people were dying of hunger and thirst,
But I was not afraid.."

" I kept on standing,
Though weak and tired,
But I stood where I was,
Not like my fellow trees
who fell when the rain had just passed.."

The day was fine,
Finer than before.
And there and then I took the oath,
To never be afraid and fear anything.
I saw the tree smiling at me..

O' Thank you , O' Thank you,
the distant tree. For
the path you have shown me.
O' Thank you , O' Thank you,
the distant tree.
Dancing with the air free....

Ps: This was a poem i wrote in my seventh standard..on the back of my question paper( subject escapes my memory).The next exam was geography which though I didn't dislike ..I hated studying...
The words and punctuations are all as I wrote originally though now I can see a lot of improvement but then those were the thoughts and vocabulary of a thirteen year old..!!

Yes finally I've realized .....

My friends had been bugging me to update my blog and not go in another hibernation period as before( well it wasn't exactly a hibernation period...I was kinda busy...uhh ok..yeah yeah!! thats a lame excuse..) mais what could I do..i just couldn't bring myself to the tiring job of writing..!! Well after constant bugging n a lot of nagging..I decided to give it a try..n then IT happened........
Well comprehension dawned upon me(what an exaggeration ...i love myself for such things!!)..I finally realized that all it takes is get started..
I was always putting off things(updating my blog being one of them) because I just wasn't willing to start. I realized that I wasn't running away from the effort that goes into doing the job..I just wasn't willing to start it..(as to the reasons.. those r yet to be deciphered..)..
Now that I've started..its not difficult to write anything...whatever was in my mind comes flowing down...(u'll read it in subsequent posts after I've done sufficient editing to make it readable lest enjoyable..!!)..

Hail to getting started..!!!