Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Distant Tree..

One day I sat studying-
Besides the window pail,
While examinations were on head
I had to learn the story of snow and hail,
But I could not go ahead.

Just then I saw a distant tree,
Dancing with the air free,
It seemed to be telling me-
"Don't be afraid, and be like me..
See me as an example for you"..

" I have passed so many storms in life.
I have passed the famine days...
When there was disaster all around
and people were dying of hunger and thirst,
But I was not afraid.."

" I kept on standing,
Though weak and tired,
But I stood where I was,
Not like my fellow trees
who fell when the rain had just passed.."

The day was fine,
Finer than before.
And there and then I took the oath,
To never be afraid and fear anything.
I saw the tree smiling at me..

O' Thank you , O' Thank you,
the distant tree. For
the path you have shown me.
O' Thank you , O' Thank you,
the distant tree.
Dancing with the air free....

Ps: This was a poem i wrote in my seventh standard..on the back of my question paper( subject escapes my memory).The next exam was geography which though I didn't dislike ..I hated studying...
The words and punctuations are all as I wrote originally though now I can see a lot of improvement but then those were the thoughts and vocabulary of a thirteen year old..!!


abc said...

cute poem..

shreniksethi said...

I didn't know u r a poet since childhood.....Keep writin,u rock

Options Dalal said...

it's lovely man.....though i doubt the disclaimer

Swapnil said...

Kavi mahashay, ek poem apni wing ke naam dedicate kijiye..

@ Chiti: Agree with you.