Sunday, March 30, 2008

Writing a blog seems much difficult than the idea itself. What with the amount of thought that goes into selecting a relevant topic n then the tiring job of framing it with just the right words to get across ur meaning....uh!! Well on second thoughts its also good as it gives you time to reflect upon ur actions n analyzing them from a different stance altogether. For a person like me who wanders in his own thoughts so often this seems an effective way of organizing them.

I am not an avid writer n frankly speaking I find writing poetry an easier option for expressing myself than writing prose.But the thing with poetry is that hardly anyone reads it n out of those who do read....few have patience enough to understand it. So for me writing a blog is a new road..n m still just treading on its threshhold...vary of what is to unfold n hoping i might have the courage to take it on.
So here's to you my dear is our 'HAPPY ' friendship day. Let's hope this lasts long.

LO! my friend ..I am on..
set my boots firmly on,
let's see whereto this road gets..
what new days, the journey begets...

PS: Plz donnna mind my n's n ur's n other short forms for the time being. Datz a habit developed from hours of chatting n lodz of messaging n now since m writing it really seemsvery difficult to shake off. But I promise I'll for the time being..kindly cooperate...