Saturday, May 7, 2011

Killing Osama


             So finally, Osama's dead. At long last Uncle Sam has managed to win the game of hide and seek, going on for the past 10 years. Cheers..!! Osama, the name of terror and if you can put it that way, the name of hatred in many a people's hearts. Osama is dead.
             But what does his death signify ? I mean he's dead, death is so final. Its the end of all things - Osama. Did he realize the gravity of his deeds, the depth of pain he had inflicted? Did he ever, for even an instant, repent the innocent lives he has taken. Not only the people he has killed, but also their alive loved ones, who have died a slow death every day since. Did he ever feel anything for those people? On second thoughts, if he was capable of any such feelings he wouldn't have have done what he did in the first case.
             And so I ask again, what does Osama's death really mean? for starters it means a second life to Obama, that's for sure, but other than that, I'm not so sure or I fail to understand at this moment. It might be just my personal opinion, but I don't think Osama should've been killed. For the same reason I stated above - its too final and its useless. It doesn't give any closure (if there can ever be any closure) to any of those who've lost their loved ones to Osama's mockery of humanity, which he loved to call Jehad. Osama alive was worth more than he's dead. Now hes gone, but a million questions live. Why'd he ever do what he did and what made Osama - OSAMA. 
             I think he should've been kept alive. He should have been made to realize the pain he had inflicted on the collective human psyche. Maybe we could have tried killing his family members infront of him, slowly one member each year, maybe then he would have realized how it is when you loose someone.
             But now he's dead and who's to say there isn't another Osama in the making, planning another 9/11? People like Osama shouldn't be killed. They should be kept alive at all costs and made to fear life not death but life. They should be made to want death every moment of their lives and terribly terribly fear being alive. Maybe then we'd have a few less Osamas.
              But then that's my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Agree with most of it, except one part: "Maybe we could have tried killing his family members in front of him". How would we be different from him then? Humanity loses its soul before the innocent's blood falls on the floor.

Anonymous said...

but anyway he killed less people than the I don't know what everybody's talking about
Osamas just like a straw in front of that big killing machine:P

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha...very weird post. First of all, Who said killing Osama is giving another life to Obama. The plight of Americans is far from over by the killing of Osama. They are still reeling under rampant unemployment and high inflation. Their standard of living is plunging day-by-day. I agree that there is a momentary euphoria among the general public but that will subside by the time Obama starts his campaign. To start with, he made too many promises with the Americans of which "killing Osama" is the only one, he succeded to accomplish.

And "Why the face", you want to kill the innocent children of Osama. If there is any terrorist in the making, it is you.

The only thing I appreciate about this post is that you didn't mix-up between Obama and Osama.

Lastly, please google the usage of "its" v/s "it's". I was so confused and irritated reading your post.

Ankit Rastogi said...

@anon2 : thnx a lot. The post is my first reaction to the news. Thnx 4 the spell chk 2. I'll take note of it :)

yogini said...

I also wrote a post about it..

Anonymous said...

to reciprocate/spread the pain among other humans caused to oneself is the most natural thing to do
for someone who's brain primarily works on animal instincts.

it takes a certain level of maturity and
understanding of human nature to absorb the pain and anger and still be willing to forgive. it is only because of this nature that human species has survived this long.

you write big things but fail to understand the core

Highly disappointed and shattered.

Ankit Rastogi said...
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