Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Can't Say I Love you

If I acknowledge it, it becomes real,
And the chasm between us widens.
Atleast now I can see you
Be sure you'll listen if I call you.
But if I acknowledge it, It frightens me that i'll lose you.

My self is shattered in pieces,
Can you wait till I can collect them all?
Can you wait till I find myself,
till I can fill the gap.
Can you wait for me to reach you ?

I know it is too much to ask,
Can you forgive me when I say
That even though I do
I can't say I love you.


Radha said...

beautiful poem... says a lot..

Unknown said...


rohit Iyer said...

Loved this one. Sometimes, you visualize what you read. This one belonged to such a league! Keep writing!