Friday, July 16, 2010

I Love You

I love you... I love you so much....
I've loved you ever since,
I gained consciousness of who I am .
I was nothing before you, 
I am nothing without you.

You are my life , my breath, my sustenance.
Without you I am but a shadow, a wraith,
You are my light, 
my source of existence.

I love you from the deepest of depths,
with feelings so intense, that I can no longer resist 
the whirlpool that pulls me down, 
In your love, I want to drown..

Yes I'm crazy, Yes I'm insane,
I love you , I want you, I have lusted for you..
and , Yes, denying any of this is vain.
For you I'll do anything, 
to get you, I'll stop at nothing.

My love for you is all consuming,
 This fire burns within me,
In this fire I constantly burn.

Ilove you with such a fervor
that I hate you for what I've become.


Vishnu said...

Rastogi, whom do you dedicate this to??

Ankit Rastogi said...

Kya yaar tu to bhagwaan hai...u r omniscient...! fir ye sawaal..!!

Supri said...


Ankit Rastogi said...

Thank you..!! You've got an awesome blog..!! loved going through it..

Radha said...

wow.. great!!

Supri said...

thkyou for visiting my blog. this write up is really nice...

Ankit Rastogi said...

@Radha : thnx..and am I to understand that you actually got what was written..?

@Ess : Thank you.