Monday, March 9, 2015

Will You Walk With Me?

And then just maybe, beyond the bend, I'll see you,
Just maybe I'll say Hello and you smile,
A smile as mesmerizing with my eyes open as closed.
Maybe we will talk,
As we walk,
Together , while we figure out where it is this leads.
We will tell our stories, our pains, our sorrows,
Braving the rain, merry at the sunshine, dreaming of the rainbow, 'morrow.

For a moment our fates entwine in the fabric of time,
Weaving a pattern both beautiful and sublime.

There it is the fork, where we part ways.
Your and mine: our no more stays.
And then if I ask - "Will you walk with me?"
Your's, mine, our's;  any; as long as you stay with me.
Forever and always
Will you walk with me?

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