Friday, September 14, 2012

And Then The Curtains Fall

Some shared moments,
Some cherished memories,
A few hearty laughs, 
And a few idiosyncrasies,
Is all that you can glean
from the time you spent away.

And then the curtains fall,
The candle snubbed and darkness prevails.
Smoky eyes and a misty face
Is all that remains.

Some shared moments,
Some cherished memories,
And then the curtains fall.
You realize it is already too late...

P.S. - Dedicated to my late friend Vivek whose untimely demise has left us all baffled. Time may have drifted us apart "Bhoyaa" but you will always be remembered and missed. It is true that the only true gift you can ever give a person is your time and I am privileged and honored to have been gifted with your time.

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