Saturday, November 26, 2011


LO! my friend ..I am on..
set my boots firmly on,
let's see whereto this road gets..
what new days, the journey begets... 

On this note began my affair with this "not all is lost". We've had an on and off relationship of sorts. Well frankly, me and my infidelity is to be blamed for this. This blog has been my faithful companion in times of melancholy & distress, whereas has remained woefully forgotten in happier times. I think that is unfair and hence I have reached the decision to discontinue this blog. I'll miss it.

Maybe in the future I'll continue this blog or start a new one or maybe just return to the comforts of my good old diary. But for now it is time to bid farewells..
Love you and Miss you...

P.S. - To all my reader (if any) love you and miss you too.

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