Monday, June 13, 2011


This is an anonymous comment I recieved on one of my posts - Killing Osama . 

      To reciprocate/spread the pain among other humans caused to oneself is the most natural thing to do for someone who's brain primarily works on animal instincts. it takes a certain level of maturity and understanding of human nature to absorb the pain and anger and still be willing to forgive. it is only because of this nature that human species has survived this long. you write big things but fail to understand the core Highly disappointed and shattered.

I appreciate the sentiments and admire the thoughtfulness. However here's my pov -
@Anon : Thanks for the analysis. I must admit that the post displays more savagery and raw emotions towards the end and certainly unmindful and wrong thoughts, but just one question - what kind of forgiveness do you expect and to what end ? I would love to be naive enough to believe that forgiveness might actually bring about a change of heart, but sadly I am not. So yes I advocate not killing Osama, but I think some deeds can neither be forgiven nor forgotten

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